Club 2000 Archive

Graphic Europe Conference in Barcelona – xerox artwork for the critically endangered iberian lynx.

Folded wedding invite for Camille Bidault-Waddington and Jarvis Cocker, multi-level embossing onto 80gsm paper, full-colour print on reverse – collaboration with Peter Saville.

Frauke’s personal stationery, found plate, multi-level embossing.
Glitter bird screen-printed poster for a talk by David Carson.

Namibia meets Sweden poster, and collaboration with fashion designer Peter Jensen – denim cut-outs of ‘Namibia-meets-Sweden’ poster animals sewn onto a white sweatshirt.

Poster for talk by Teal Triggs and Sean Cook on Woman’s Design Research Unit the at Royal College of Art, screen print, gloss varnish.
Eley Kishimoto invitation screen print onto newsprint. The text invitation was photocopied onto 80gsm paper and glued onto newsprint.

Site-specific interventions at Vogue House in London, among other, crystal glass replicas of ashtrays used by workers found in staircase.

Miu Miu invitation – two brushed layers of acrylic paint onto release paper with three-colour screen print onto brushed layers.

Stencil sprayed compositions at Village Fete London.

Invites for Entwistle Gallery London.

Invites for Sutton Lane Gallery London, among other, Franz West, Michelangelo Pistoletto, William Eggleston

Invite for Campana Brothers at Design Museum London – gold embossing onto 200gsm card.

CD sleeves for Treader London, multi level embossing onto utilitarian board.

Record covers for Secondo London AM/PM I, AM/PM II – xerox artwork.

Christmas card for Wallpaper Magazine.
Invite for Chiltern Street Studio London.

PWHOA fashion label art direction – lo-key production methods – clothing labels stencil sprayed onto rescued fabrics, posters created by using A4 sheets with lettering pasted together to create a larger format.

Folded poster offset onto newsprint.

Glitter screen-print poster onto newsprint, photocopy onto newsprint glued together.

Invite poster for Domestic Desire exhibition – two A1 format posters held together by glitter invite text card.

Site-specific intervention at the National Library Cape Town – flora redrawn from books and screen-printed onto newsprint.

Site-specific intervention Bricklane London – birds redrawn from book on birds found at Bricklane and screen-printed onto newsprint.
‘The Country Feels Lonely Without You’ pages 1 – 34 – text on nature – offset print onto newsprint A1 – these pages also functioned as the communication device for the educational programme of Cape Africa Platform for learners in and around the Western Cape.
The learners looked at what is local and what is foreign or alien through the theme of plants that grow on Lookout Hill Khayelitsha Cape Flats.

A record of nocturnal, crepuscular and daylight occurrences of naturally inhabited biodiversity loosely noticed at the edge of an expanding city Windhoek – envelope offset with pages inside.

Site-specific intervention at the National Archives Windhoek as well as the site of a demolished colonial house with only the original floor tiles in tact – flora and fauna redrawn from books in the library, offset printed A2, folded, to mimic the idea of the repetition of the tiles in the colonial house.

Site-specific intervention at the Public Library Windhoek – flora and fauna redrawn from books in the library and screen-printed with glitter appliqué.

Next pages of ‘The Country Feels Lonely Without You’ – gold embossed envelopes bound together with string – like love letters to nature.

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