About Club 2000

Club 2000, aka Studio Frauke Stegmann, is a graphic design practice that uses, among other, DIY models (low-tech production methods extending to any material choice) and the handmade to produce graphic design as “haute couture”.

The studio coordinates continuous research by, for example, using sites (objects, places, memory, people, experiences) as opportunities for intervention to communicate an alternative (or additional) version of the tactile experience.

Frauke Stegmann is a graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, nominated among other, by Creative Review UK as “10 Women to Watch”, “Future of Fashion”, shortlisted for the British Arts Foundation Award for Design, included in the Phaidon 100 Graphic Designers list, the I.D. 40 global designers list and D&AD new generation of Graphic Designers list.

Geographically speaking, Club 2000 is located in Windhoek, Namibia, and was a discotheque in the 1980s, situated inside a hotel which was built in the late 1940s – both dates important political moments – 1948 South Africa subsumes itself into a regime of segregation (in 1951, South Africa extends apartheid laws to Namibia), the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 changes the face of politics and contributes to Namibia’s Independence.

“I was impressed with Frauke Stegmann’s work, especially its significant understanding of material and context. She appreciates how the values and codes inherent in materials can be used to communicate effectively and with great economy. Her choice of ‘found’ resources – transposed from their original context and creatively repositioned – displays innovation with a remarkable and contemporary lightness of touch.”

Peter Saville
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